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After COVID-19 forced them to down their shutters for the better part of 2020, galleries and museums are reopening, minus the cocktails and cheese, of course. On January 14, in Mumbai alone, nearly 22 galleries unveiled new shows to coincide with the ninth Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2021, one of the biggest cultural events in the city. Other art hubs are following suit. Here are some online and offline exhibitions worth making time for.


Bhupen Khakhar & Jogen Chowdhury


(Until Feb. 28)

“I liked Bhupen’s sense of humour, satire and individuality,” says Jogen Chowdhury, 81. Though exhibiting together, they don’t have much in common except their shared preoccupation with human theatre. Khakhar reimagined Bombay’s daily life as a candy-coloured fantasy. Much has been said about his sexuality and quirks, which found vivid expression in his art. Based in West Bengal, Chowdhury’s figures are less flashy

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Professional photographer Gabriel Maia will travel across the world, just to get to that perfect location that acts as a backdrop for environmental portrait photography he captures. Along with the help of his daughter Rosiane, Gabriel has been enjoying massive exposure and praise for his art.

It all started for Gabriel when he was just 17 years old. Back then, there were no DSLR or mirrorless cameras. What you could pick from was a wide array of 35mm cameras. As his first camera, Gabriel picked the Olympus OM-2. This would become his trusty camera for quite some time, and he would take full advantage of what it could do.

Shooting scenes in national parks, at soccer matches, and of everyday city life, Gabriel worked on perfecting and refining his technique. As the years progressed, he managed to develop his own unique style that would become his signature

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