WOODINVILLE — Anthony Schmidt goes to Snohomish weekly to buy model cars, attend car club meetings and re-stock his art on display at a gallery.

He’s only 13, so his mom has to drive the white 1957 Ford named “Betty” that was gifted to him by a stranger.

What’s up with that?

The Woodinville eighth-grader has made a name for himself in the art of “forced perspective” photography, a technique that creates an optical illusion by altering the perception between objects.

Anthony takes photos of die-cast cars and makes them appear life-sized in retro settings.

“I have a little platform that I use to put the vehicle on, and I use my phone and it looks real,” Anthony said. The illusion is achieved by getting low to the ground at just the right angle with his camera, and he nails it with minimal editing.

Anthony has taken thousands of

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