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2022 Kia EV6 Crash Test & Safety Ratings (By IIHS And Euro NCAP)

2022 Kia EV6 Crash Test & Safety Ratings (By IIHS And Euro NCAP)

How safe is Kia EV6? It just got a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP!

Since its release, the 2022 Kia EV6 has earned different safety awards from different organizations.

One organization that has conducted a Kia EV6 crash test is Europe’s leading independent safety testing organization, the EuroNCAP.

Euro NCAP was the first to take the EV for crash tests and awarded the newest Kia EV with the highest overall rating, five stars out of five possible stars.

This clearly demonstrates how much effort the South Korean automaker has put into the safety of Kia EV6 electric crossover.

Euro NCAP tested the EV6 electric vehicle in different categories and each of these categories earned an above-average score.

Euro NCAP Kia EV6 crash test video

While the vehicle earned 90% in adult occupant protection, it also scored 86% for child occupant protection, which are impressive results especially when compared to other vehicles in the same segment.

Other areas where the vehicle was also tested include safety assist (87%), which shows how much technology for crash avoidance a vehicle has, and vulnerable road users (64%).

Euro NCAP also took the EV6 for passenger compartment safety testing, and the EV6 wouldn’t disappoint.

The vehicle was quickly noticed for its stability during the frontal impact test and its protection of occupants’ knees. Boasting a wide number of standard safety features, the new Kia EV6 also delivers good protection against whiplash injuries should a rear-end collision occur, as it performes excellently well in the front-seat and head-restraints test.

The latest Kia EV6 crash tests showed that the carmaker paid much attention to the EV’s protection of all critical body areas of the driver and passengers, earning it a maximum five stars in the category. Euro NCAP also highlighted that children’s critical body areas, especially children between six and ten, are safe in the car.

What is more, the 2022 Kia EV6’s Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system also contributed to the vehicle’s overall safety rating with an outstanding performance. EuroNCAP said the AEB system responded well when tested against other vehicles and for impact avoidance.

Other safety features of Kia EV6 praised for their high performance include the Kia Multi-Collision Braking (MCB) system and the eCall system. While the MCB system automatically applies the brake to avoid a secondary collision after an impact, the eCall system alerts the emergency services should a crash occur.

These Kia EV6 safety features played an important role in achieving the EV6’s 5-star safety feat.

The construction procedures were also credited for the new Kia EV6. For example, the use of ultra-high tensile steel made the passenger compartment safety rating possible while the vehicle’s torsional rigidity of 48.5 was a success due to the extensive hot-stamping during production.

Kia EV6 has 7 airbags

It is also worth noting that the new Kia EV6 comes with seven advanced airbags, one of which is the center side airbag that comes between the driver’s and the passenger’s heads in the event of a collision.

Plus, all EV6 models come standard with Kia’s Electronic Stability Control -ESC system and Vehicle Stability Management -VSM, which both enhance the driver’s control during cornering and braking.