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High-quality arts movie is a term that encompasses movement footage and the field of film as a high quality art kind. A high-quality arts movie theater is a venue, normally a constructing, for viewing such movies. Films are … Read More

REDWATER, Texas — Year in and year out, Redwater Independent School District’s Art programs put forth efforts that land them individual and school recognitions at the regional and state level.

The district has been recognized with the Texas Art Education Association District of Distinction Award for two years in a row, and are looking to make that three. In addition, they’ve had at least one student participate in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event at the state level for the past three years.

This is just to name a couple of recognitions. And while that success is something to behold, Redwater High Art Teacher Carrie Slay says it’s all a part of the plan.

“When I came to the district, I had in mind that I really wanted to go for the district of distinction,” Slay said. “And I was really happy because Stacy Norton had that same idea, and it’s

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Guide on How to Start Investing | Sun Life Indonesia

An apartment building

For individuals just starting out in investing, condos are a good choice because urbanization is on the rise nowadays, and condos are in high demand. In order to capitalize on the demographic changes, even experienced investors are investing in condos. Check out Toronto’s latest condo options here.


Before investing in a condominium, ask yourself a few simple questions, even if location is a major consideration. Here are a few examples.

● How long will you keep the condo?

Are there any lawsuits against the building you are considering investing in?

Are there any high rental areas near the condo, such as a hospital?

In the near future, will the area become more popular or less popular?

● How much rent do you expect to generate each year?


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On the pages of the comic series Uncanny X-Men, Storm shocked her teammates with her new punk look, one that makes a comeback in stunning fan art!

One of the greatest members, leaders, and fighters the X-Men have ever worked with is unarguably Ororo Munroe aka Storm, an X-Men member who has taken on many different looks throughout her comic career, including the iconic punk look which made a stunning return in a new piece of X-Men fan art. Originally revered as a goddess, Storm is mainly depicted as she was introduced, with long white hair and an inviting yet authoritative presence. In one of her best looks since the original, Storm flips her image on its head and goes full punk-rock as depicted in this astounding new fan art. 

Storm first debuted her punk look in Uncanny X-Men #173 by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. The new striking

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