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8 Amazing Thai Fruits You Have To Try

8 Amazing Thai Fruits You Have To Try

Thanks to its tropical environment and rich soil, Thailand boasts some of the tastiest fruits in the world. Besides, buying freshly cut fruit at a market is one of the best things to do in Thailand. Check out our list of the most amazing Thai fruits!

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8 Amazing Thai Fruits You Have To Try

Thai Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit

This Thai fruit, often called Pitaya, comes from the genus Hylocereus and the species undatus. The most common variety is the one with white flesh. You’ll rarely find purple or yellow dragon fruit but they’re also very tasty!

Dragon fruit season: April-October

Thai name: Gaeo Mang Gorn

Snake Fruit

Snake fruit

Thai Salak or Snake fruit is native to Indonesia but is also grown in Thailand. It has a scaly look and tastes similar to pineapple, just more bitter. It’s usually eaten raw with salt and sugar.

Snake fruit season: from early spring to late summer

Thai name: Salak, Sala, Ra Kam

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Rose Apple

Rose apple

Delicious rose apples are slightly crunchy and green and white on the inside. Their exterior can also be completely green, red, or a combination of both.

Rose apple season: from summer to early fall

Thai name: Chomphu

Custard Apple

Custard apple

This tasty fruit, also called a sugar apple, has a lumpy green skin that covers the sweet white flesh. It’s primarily grown in Phetchabun, Nakhon, and Ratchasima.

Custard apple season: June-September

Thai name: Noi Naa

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Wild Mangosteen (Cotton Fruit)

Wild mangosteen

Santol is an exotic tropical fruit used in a popular Thai papaya salad while still unripe. It’s also frequently used in jams. A very popular fruit in Thailand!

Wild Mangosteen season: May-August

Thai name: Santol


Floating market with fruits

Thailand has one of the best mangos in the world. It’s best eaten with sticky rice and coconut milk. Yum!

Mango season: February-end of July

Thai name: Ma-Muang


Lychee fruit

Lychee is a sweet fruit similar to rambutan and longan. It tastes like a pear, only juicier. The tree is native to China but can be found across Southeast Asia. 

Lychee season: May-July

Thai name: Lin-jee

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Thai floating market with fruits and vegetables

Pomelo is definitely one of the most delicious tropical fruits. They have pithy thick skin and can grow the size of a football. The outer layer is green and the flesh ranges from yellow to pink.

Pomelo season: Pomelos are often available all year, but their peak season is around October

Thai name: Som-o


What are common fruits in Thailand?

  • Dragon fruit
  • Snake fruit
  • Rose apple
  • Custard apple
  • Santol
  • Mango
  • Lychee
  • Pomelo
  • Durian
  • Mangosteen
  • Pineapple
  • Guava
  • Rambutan

What is the most famous fruit in Thailand?


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