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ANIL UZUN Will Host A Podcast on The Evolution of Photography – Press Release

ANIL UZUN, an accomplished architect and a photographer will host a podcast that will discuss the history of photography to pay tribute to all who have contributed to the field so far. The Evolution of Photography Podcast will be launched on June 11.

LONON, ENGLAND, April 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — ANIL UZUN announced a new podcast to pay tribute to the people who shaped photography in the course of years.

“I feel that we did not appreciate enough the art and technology of photography. Photography has evolved over the years and I would like to mention and appreciate the change it had. Photography has made great strides thanks to the combination of new ideas and innovation. When we look back at the history of photography it started as a revolution and enabled humans to express themselves artistically. I want to talk about all of this in my new podcast,” ANIL UZUN says.

The podcast episodes will about the following topics:

The oldest photo that survived for about 200 years

The first camera from the 4th century BC

The first selfie by Robert Cornelius

The birth of the “gelatin dry plate”

35mm film and Leica

The introduction of color film – The Polaroid

Digital Photography

The Evolution of Photography Podcast will be launched on Friday, June 11, at 07.00pm, each week a new episode will be released.


ANIL UZUN is an architect and a photographer. He was born in 1968 in İstanbul. He has been taking photos since 1990 and has been an architect since 1994. He organizes group exhibitions for the underground artists, facilitates projects for independent photography artists and makes their work seen. He also joins the photography projects and presentations with his books. He works as an independent architect for many companies and projects and continues to travel around the world to take photos.

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