Let the record show that I’ve rather happily avoided being on trend my whole life. I never bought a shirt with shoulder cutouts, I part my hair on the side (sorry, Gen Z), and I would probably embarrassingly still say “awesome sauce” occasionally if I didn’t catch myself.

That all changed last summer when Joshua Tree landed in our Hudson Valley backyard by way of Tractor Supply Company.

We got a stock tank pool. Or, to take a step back: we bought a galvanized steel trough intended for watering livestock, drilled a couple of holes in it, added a pump and filter, and made a pool for our backyard. Country living, meet Instagram.

Our six-foot wide galvanized stock tank cost about $300, compared to a couple grand for an above-ground pool or $30,000 or more for an in-ground pool. For us, it was an affordable way to beat the heat

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