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Best Hot Chocolate Near Spartanburg, SC

Best Hot Chocolate Near Spartanburg, SC

Is it time for a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Spartanburg, SC is full of places where you can find a delicious cup of cocoa. We asked our readers for their favorite cocoa spots and they did not disappoint. So load up the kids and find your perfect cup of hot chocolate in Spartanburg, SC.

If all things pumpkin spice usher in fall time, then hot chocolate signals in winter. But not just any cup of Swiss Miss. We are looking for places to get a hot creamy cup of chocolate goodness, and there’s no shortage of them in Spartanburg.

Hot Chocolate in Spartanburg and Beyond

Botanical Brew

  • 109-A Spartanburg Highway, Lyman

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, and sink into a comfy sofa among the plants at Botanical Brew. You will most likely leave with a cup of cocoa and a new leafy green baby to tend to.

Upstate Coffee

Outdoor seating makes grabbing hot cocoa with kids easy at this Coffee Shop in downtown Inman. They can get their wiggles out, and you can enjoy your custom hot cocoa creation from their menu!

Little River Coffee Roasting

  • 188A West Main Street, Spartanburg
  • 460 Marion Avenue, Spartanburg
  • 187 N Church Street Suite A, Spartanburg
  • 1624 East Main Street, Spartanburg

There are several locations in the Little River Roasting company to choose from, and they serve up a creamy cup of hot cocoa!

Peppermint bark hot chocolate (mix of dark and white chocolate) is so rich and perfect, and the only hot chocolate I drink year round. Made with dairy or preferred milk alternative- no watery cocoa here.


Little River. Love Them


Eggs Up Grill

  • 551 East Main Street, Spartanburg
  • 5844 Reidville Road – Suite A, Moore
  • 304 Village Creek Boulevard, Boiling Springs

Served with a heaping helping of whipped cream, the hot chocolate from Eggs Up is a fantastic beverage to enjoy with breakfast! In addition, they have a hot mocha chocolate that is out of this world!

Spill The Beans

  • 174 East Main Street, Spartanburg

Mexican hot chocolate at Spill The Beans is my favorite!


The Crêpe Factory

A cup (of hot cocoa) at The Crepe Factory goes great with thier beignets!


Bella Latte

  • 802 Drayton Road, Drayton
  • 1595 East Main Street, Duncan

Bella Latte’s is yummy AND they will only lighty steam to make it warm if you tell them it’s for your kid so you don’t have to wait for it to cool down or have them burn their mouth.


Bella Latte at Drayton Mills. It’s really tasty!


Starbucks white hot chocolate is wonderful!


Rocky Moo

  • 100 East Main Street, Spartanburg
  • 3608 Pelham Road – Suite A, Greenville

Not only can you grab a fantastic ice cream sandwich at Rocky Moo, but you can also enjoy Hot Chocolate, and Hot Chocolate floats from this Upstate favorite!

Hot Chocolate Worth the Drive in Asheville, NC

There appear to be quite a few specialty chocolate shops in Asheville, just waiting to satisfy your winter drink craving.

Chocolate Fetish

  • 36 Haywood Street, Asheville

Chocolate Lounge & French Broad Chocolates

  • 10 South Pack Square, Asheville
  • 821 Riverside Drive – Suite 199, Asheville

Folks, as of publication time, I have no idea what “liquid truffle sipping chocolate” is, but I fully intend on finding out ASAP. Whatever it is, it sounds glorious, and it’s on the menu here.

If you are up for a trip The Chocolate Lounge in Asheville is every bit of amazing. But I would go with Little River Roasting


We love Chocolate Lounge