Non-fungible tokens—better known as NFTs—have gone mainstream in the past year, with everyone from major art auction houses to Hollywood movie studios buying into the hype. NFTs are unique pieces of data tracked and stored on blockchains like Ethereum. They’re usually associated with digital images, such as cartoon apes or […]

Sign up for dot.LA’s daily newsletter for the latest news on Southern California’s tech, startup and venture capital scene. The production company behind reality TV hits like “The Real World” is now entering the brave new world of NFTs. Glendale-based Bunim/Murray Productions is teaming with tech startup Virtual Arts to […]

Last week, an obscure Venice-based startup disclosed in regulatory filings that it had raised nearly $10 million in funding and is seeking to raise $5 million more. Beyond a scarcely detailed website and several online job postings, little has been publicly disclosed about the company, known as Artema Labs. And […]