After boards, NEET is stressing students: Tips on how to get rid of exam  anxiety in lockdown - Education Today News

Working your way towards preparing for NEET can generate feelings of worry and put one under pressure, especially when you aim to get into your dream college. 

This stress can come in any form and is an inevitable part of preparation. The transient feelings of anxiety are experienced, especially when there is an important upcoming event in a students’ life; it has to be that big exam they face. While a milder level of stress and anxiety can be motivating and stimulating, a higher degree of stress can be disrupting. 

One of the most common situations is appearing for examinations, which students usually find difficult to cope with. However, with the right guidance, attitude and apt strategies, one can effectively tackle anxious situations and maximise performance. 

What is the reason for exam stress? 

There are several reasons why we tend to get stressed; some of them are: 

  • Feel we are
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