Box and 1 Defense - Complete Coaching Guide

An opponent’s star player on offense can be slowed down by using the box-and-one defense (also known as the box and 1 defense). This is a combination defense that can be used by a basketball team to prevent the ball from moving to the basketball shot returner. It is based on zone defense concepts, with four players forming a box and one defensive player employing man-to-man tactics.

The zone box configuration begins at the top of the key, with a perimeter player at each elbow of the free-throw line, and continues down the court. To defend the low post, each defensive post player guards a block and will assist the on-ball defender, or chaser, on a double team, as well as laid close out on an opposing perimeter player near the three-point line. An opposing post defensive player’s major duties are to guard the baseline and deny post-up attempts … Read More