Chatbot Basics 101 | Indianapolis | Marketing

Robert G. Mull

Let’s talk about chatbots. You know, those things you sometimes message on different applications or websites. To put it simply, a chatbot is software that interacts with a human being through a messaging application. We see these chatbots being used on desktop or mobile applications, social media platforms, and even […]

Jackson’s Painting Prize 2023 Announced

Robert G. Mull

We’re delighted to announce that submissions for Jackson’s Painting Prize 2023 are now open. With an impressive expert judging panel, two London exhibitions, a first prize of £6000 + £1000 Jackson’s art materials, plus 15 other awards, we’re ready for our biggest year yet. The competition started in 2016 and […]

Why You Should Consider Investing in Medical Virtual Assistant Solutions 


A recent study revealed that virtual medical assistant (MVA) solutions can lead to several benefits for healthcare organizations. These benefits include increased efficiency, improved patient care, and reduced costs. MVA solutions are designed to help healthcare professionals manage their workloads more effectively. By automating routine tasks and providing support with […]