A lavish lifestyle may adhere to individual perspectives, but one prevalent and very popular opinion will forever be the foody one. Some may take pride in their looks or success but everyone bows down and let down their curtains when food enters the conversation. Cricket and cinema may bag the first place when it comes to binding people together, but food takes the next stop and is undoubtedly what brings everyone together, not just in Mohali but everywhere. 

Must Have Dishes for Foodies

The opening of the lunch boxes, the incessant sharing in the canteens all link us back to memories, and today we have for you a bunch of exotic suggestions for food items that you can gorge on with your friends and treat yourself of some me-time 

  • A Cake or a Muffin 

A night stay with friends, a birthday celebration, or a simple craving all call for a lavish cake celebration. Make an … Read More