May 22, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Detroit store owners provide space for artists to sell their work

When all of the art fairs and showcases were canceled during the coronavirus pandemic, three Detroit women decided to create the Leaf and Blossom store, which serves as a space for artists to sell their artwork and products. 

Mother and daughter Lillian Li and Victoria Li, both of Grosse Pointe Shores, along with their friend, Maggie Mazzara, of Grosse Pointe Woods, are all local artists. They opened Leaf and Blossom, which also is a place for the public to participate in art classes. In the store, you can find anything from handmade birdhouses to photography, and even get a tarot card reading while you’re there. 

Leaf and Blossom co owners Lillian Li, 62, of Grosse Pointe, left, Maggie Massara, 72, of Grosse Pointe Woods and Victoria Li, 26, of Detroit stand out front of their Detroit store Wednesday, May, 5, 2021. The store opened in December of 2020 during the pandemic after art shows were being cancelled. The store supports local artists.

“I kind of figured — well, what if I do something that I like to do and have my own store,” said Victoria Li. “I originally was just going to sell tea, since I was a tea blender. But then we came across Maggie, and Maggie introduced the art part of it as well. So it just became this giant store idea of helping other artists promote their art and also help them push forward in this really difficult time.”