July 15, 2024


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Dr. Martens + A-Cold-Wall* – KALTBLUT Magazine

Dr. Martens + A-Cold-Wall* – KALTBLUT Magazine

Dr. Martens and A-COLD-WALL* proudly reconnect over a passion for elevating overlooked workwear by infusing it with subcultural influences. A testament to their shared heritage. The latest edition of their celebrated partnership concentrates on clean lines and distilled aesthetics. A rejection of an overdesigned mainstream.

Known for his use of socio-political graphics and dialogue-provoking silhouettes, A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross has established a functional angle to design. His long-running commentary on the British cultural zeitgeist gets more pertinent with every season — and his partnership with Dr. Martens is no different.

The latest evolution builds on previous seasons, with the double-height Bex sole providing a strong foundation. Playing with light and shade, the collection consists of a black-on-black 1461 shoe juxtaposed against the monochrome white 1461 shoe and 1460 boot. The crisp architectural structures where the eyelets would traditionally be placed firmly stand out on the silhouettes’ profiles. A mainstay of the collaboration that can be traced back to their nascent collection. Similarly, laces have been abandoned and replaced with sleek front zips to maintain the controlled form of the boot and shoe.

Subtle elements can be observed, including gunmetal rivets, embossed leather and exaggerated side panels. Alongside sit the core elements of the Dr. Martens brand: a black and yellow AirWair heel loop and yellow welt stitch introducing a flash of unexpected colour. Both elements are presented without colour for the pure white boot and shoe. Completed with a co-branded, reflective swing tag to continue the design philosophy grounded in functional workwear. A brand union across the common ground.

Launching 12.12.22 at a-cold-wall.com and will be available from 13.12.22 at
drmartens.com and select partners.