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Joker Cosplay Makes Alex Ross’ God-Tier Art a Live-Action Reality

In an outstanding cosplay of the Joker, the cosplayer perfectly captures Alex Ross’ god-tier art by bringing the iconic piece Joker artwork to life.

The god-tiered Joker artwork by the incredibly talented and widely renowned artist Alex Ross comes to life in the form of jaw-dropping cosplay. Alex Ross is known for their hyper-realistic style and amazingly detailed artwork, which consists of anything from comic covers to stand-alone pieces. One of the most iconic of their work is the image of the Joker in his tuxedo that is so perfectly crafted that it looks like a photograph. Using Ross’ vision for the Joker as a template, one person seemingly ripped the character from the page and brought him into real life in this outstanding cosplay. 


Alex Ross created the vision of the Joker in his tuxedo and applied it to one of the most iconic covers in DC Comics history. That cover was for Batman: Harley Quinn by Paul Dini and Yvel Guichet. The cover depicts Harley Quinn and the Joker dancing together, a piece that is titled, “Tango With Evil” in which the Joker is shown wearing a tuxedo while Harley is depicted in her classic jester outfit. Since that cover there have been a number of variations to Alex Ross’ Joker including one piece that the artist shared on their Twitter page of the Joker standing alone presenting his signature calling card. That piece is the clear inspiration behind this cosplay, as the cosplayer is doing the same pose as the Joker in Alex Ross’ piece of shared artwork. 

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In an Instagram post by James Deeley, the cosplayer dressed as the sinister Batman villain as depicted by Alex Ross. Complete with the black and white tux and full makeup that is impressive enough to make it into a feature film, the cosplayer truly captured the look, style, and essence of Alex Ross’ Joker. Deeley posted two separate photos of the amazing cosplay, the first pulling straight from one of Alex Ross’ pieces in which the Joker is presenting his calling card while flashing his insidious grin, a pose the cosplayer brilliantly landed. The second picture is a bit more intimidating as the Joker cosplayer is still wearing the iconic tux but is also flashing two guns with a similarly sinister grin with a post accompanying this image reading, “Kid, I’m The Joker. I Don’t Just Randomly Kill People. I Kill People When It’s Funny” which only adds another layer of villainy to the already convincing getup. 



While this cosplayer used Alex Ross’ Joker to base their costume on, there is no shortage of unique characters that Ross has applied their iconic style to. One of the most widely recognized superhero pieces done by Ross are the covers for DC Comics’ Kingdom Come miniseries for which Ross received a number of Eisner and Harvey Awards for both the covers and pages of the miniseries. The look of the characters in Kingdom Come, specifically Superman, have reached such a high level of recognition and popularity that Superman’s costume in the miniseries becomes the one worn by Brandon Routh’s Superman in the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths

While Ross’ work on Kingdom Come is perhaps their most widely recognized due in part to the live-action adaptation it received, one could argue that Ross’ Joker is just as popular as it too received the live action treatment in the film Suicide Squad which showed a brief scene ripped straight from Ross’ “Tango With Evil.” Now, it seems Ross’ version of the Joker has received another live action adaptation in the form of this incredibly impressive Joker cosplay, one that makes Alex Ross’ god-tier art a live-action reality.

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