May 22, 2024


Super Art is Almost

MC celebrates 50th anniversary opens art department exhibit by retired and former art faculty

Midland College is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the art department with an exhibit featuring retired and former art faculty.

The exhibit features nine retired and former art faculty members. Pieces of artwork range from printmaking and drawings to ceramics and sculptures. Artists include Carol Bailey, Jane Becker, Sara Gilstrap, John Harmon, Stan Jacobs, Karen Lanier, Kent Moss, Susan Randle and Warren Taylor.

Lanier was a journalism and photography lab instructor for almost 20 years, she said. 

“The photography lab fell under the art area, not just journalism,” Lanier said. “I got to work in the art hall and know all the art teachers while also taking art classes.”

She then started doing more printmaking than photography over the years. She said she never got an art degree from anywhere, while the other artists featured in the exhibit have art degrees.

Lanier said she has been retired for about nine years now. She added that it is great to be included in the exhibit because she comes from a different background.

“I continue to take classes at MC, so I am in this building every other day,” she said. “I still take printmaking from Dagan Sherman for fun.”

Randle said the exhibit opening was exciting, because the artists were able to reconnect with old friends, colleagues and former students as well as other people’s work. She works in drawing and printmaking. She left MC about 10 years ago but taught for 20 years at the institution.

“It’s a magical place,” Randle said. “There is something about this environment and the support for the art and the college. The facilities, faculty and students are simply wonderful. ”

She added that she wishes she didn’t live in Austin now so that she could take classes at MC.

Bailey’s art features ceramics and sculpture at the show. She left MC about nine years ago and taught for about 21 years. She said that MC’s Art Department is a unique place.

“There aren’t many places like this,” she said. “I had students who moved on somewhere else and said they could never find a place like the art department at Midland College. A welcoming place to learn and take classes or workshops.”

The exhibit runs through April 8 at the Allison Fine Arts Building McCormick Gallery located at 3600 N. Garfield St. The gallery is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. The gallery will be closed the week of spring break (March 7-11).