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Miami Art Week: Guide to Art Basel, installations, parties

Looking up to palm tree and blue sky at summer beach. Panoramic soft style with vintage filter effect for banner background.

Looking up to palm tree and blue sky at summer beach. Panoramic soft style with vintage filter effect for banner background.

Going strong since 2002, Miami Art Week is a wonderful version of Miami to visit. The event has grown from humble beginnings as a spin-off of Art Basel Switzerland to a world-renowned cultural institution with the entire city becoming ground zero for the global art community.

Encompassing not just the Art Basel fair, but several satellite art fairs across the city, people from all over the globe come to Miami to find inspiration and get in some amazing people watching. This year’s Art Basel takes place Dec. 2-4 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, providing an opportunity to see some of the most cutting edge contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation art and video art in one place.

It’s not just about artwork though! The parties, installations and social events during Art Week are numerous. And whether you’re new to the Miami area or just planning for a busy festival, you’ll need a guide to what’s ahead.

So, as Miami gets ready for Art Week 2021, I am very proud to partner with to guide both local VIPs and visitors as they plan their fair visits, parties, and events. SocialMiami has been covering philanthropy, culture, lifestyle and the city’s biggest personalities for 20 years and is back with its enormously comprehensive guide to Miami Art Week.

By registering below, you can access the Art Basel guide in a special edition of the Miami Survival Guide you can save. In addition to traffic tips, the best snack spots and nearby vacation breaks, we’ve enhanced our Miami Survival Guide with SocialMiami’s exclusive Art Basel information. The team at SocialMiami has put together a list of the best events and parties from their personal database, to share with you, along with practical information you’ll need on-hand during Art Basel.

“ is the city’s most credible news organization and SocialMiami works to keep its own content on the same level,” says Brett Graff, editor of SocialMiami. “It’s important to partner with outlets maintaining high standards.”

And we’re excited to know how this guide has helped you, and how we can partner with SocialMiami to get you even more festival information. Reach out to [email protected] with any ways we can improve the Miami Survival Guide and any aspects we should include.

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This story was originally published November 26, 2021 2:55 PM.