July 20, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Multiplicity exhibit features messages in art

Each art piece at Creative 360’s Multiplicity exhibit tells a unique story and are connected by the love of a mother and her daughters. Local artists Carol Speltz of Bay City, Alayne Speltz of Luddington and Chandra Jewell of Midland collaborated for the first time to present 59 pieces that are near and dear to their hearts.

Carol has appreciated art since she sketched and painted as a kid. After serving 20 years as the director at Pinecrest Farms and taking care of her own family, Carol joined Creative 360’s staff. Not only did she serve as the nonprofit’s executive director from 2012-2014, but she stepped in as its interim director from January to July 2020, until its current executive director, Laura Vosejpka took over.

“It was good to get into art. It was good to see how people experience creativity. It was very good to help endorse programs that help people express themselves,” Carol said.

“She’s been an amazing mentor to me besides everything else she is. She kept this place going through some pretty difficult times,” said Vosejpka. “She’s so talented and her daughters are talented as well.”

Carol doesn’t consider herself an artist but as someone who plays and experiments with different medias. Her favorite artforms are photography and painting scenes in nature. At home, she has a shed where she has encouraged her children and grandchildren to play and paint.

“My daughters didn’t really need that much encouragement. My sons (Nathan and Jason) are pretty talented, too,” Carol said.

Creativity thrived in the Speltz household. Alayne explained how she enjoyed making dollhouses for her Barbies and decorating the makeshift walls. She also credited her relatives who gifted her art supplies throughout her early years.