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Ola Electric S1 scooter range to OUTSELL Honda Activa in 2023: CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Ola Electric S1 scooter range to OUTSELL Honda Activa in 2023: CEO Bhavish Aggarwal
In a rather optimistic claim, Ola Electric’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has said that by August 2023, the Ola S1 range will surpass Honda Activa as the highest-selling scooter in the Indian two-wheeler market. The Ola S1 range, which currently consists of three models S1 Air, standard S1 and S1 Pro, has already emerged as India’s highest-selling electric scooter, courtesy of its innovative design and features and high range.

Bhavish Aggarwal made this claim on his Twitter handle, in which he affirmed that the S1 range is set to become the highest-selling scooter in India. While it has already become the highest-selling electric two-wheeler, the claim of beating the mighty Honda Activa has come as a surprise to many netizens.

While this claim might sound unrealistic, most of the achievements scored by Ola Electric have proved that the aggressive approach followed by Bhavish Aggarwal for the company is reaping fruits. Currently, the Honda Activa ranks as the highest-selling two-wheeler in India, though, unlike the Ola S1 range, it sources its power from an internal combustion engine.

Monthly sales of Ola S1

Ola Electric S1 scooter range to OUTSELL Honda Activa in 2023: CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Currently, the monthly sales of Honda Activa are hovering in the range of 2.4-2.5 lakh units a month, while that of the Ola S1 range is between 9,500-10,000 units a month. All of the sales claimed by Ola Electric are from the standard S1 and S1 Pro models. Ola Electric has already launched the base-spec S1 Air for Rs 84,999, almost Rs 15,000 lower than the standard S1. Meanwhile, the S1 Pro tops the lineup with a price of Rs 1,29,999.

Looking at the enormous gap between the monthly sales of Honda Activa and Ola S1, the claims made by Bhavish Aggarwal might seem unrealistic to many. However, given that the deliveries of the volume-oriented S1 Air begin in January 2023, the overall monthly sales of the S1 range are expected to go up by almost 2 times. In addition, Ola Electric is already expanding its production capacity, considering that we can see monthly sales of the Ola S1 range go up even more.

According to Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric is already on an expansion spree and is setting up new experience centres across the country. The electric scooter maker is also developing electric cars, which will launch in the span of the next three years. Honda has also revealed its plans for introducing electric scooters in India, and it has already begun its work on it. Touted to be an all-electric version of the Activa, this scooter is expected to arrive with swappable battery technology and might come to India by the end of 2023.