May 21, 2024


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Spectrum Vs Windstream: Which is the best internet service?

Cable vs. streaming: Which is best for bringing you the channels you want?

Cox and Spectrum are the biggest cable providers in the country and next to each other on most lists, so it makes sense that shoppers want to know which company is better.

Both internet service providers fight it out for dominance in critical categories like speed, cost, customer satisfaction. 

In the end, though, which one will come up on top? Let’s find out!

Spectrum & Cox Comparison

Internet Speeds

Both Spectrum and Cox are not left behind when it comes to internet speeds. They both offer plans with 30Mbps speed and have Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) packages. 

Spectrum’s gigabit package is limited in availability as the company only offers the service to its business customers. 

Cox provides gigabit internet to more residential customers than Spectrum does, which gives them a slight edge in this category. 

Both offer a wide range of speeds, with the most common plan running at 100Mbps.

However, with most households not needing that kind of speed and Cox offering it on select plans instead of their service bundles, they still don’t quite have enough variety or higher speeds for average families at a reasonable price compared to Spectrum.


Cable companies Cox and Spectrum may both be big, but they offer different benefits to their customers. While Spectrum is available in more areas than Cox, the latter serves densely populated cities such as Southern California. 

Both the companies have a competitive edge over one another in terms of the numbers of who they serve, but it’s not the same when it comes to their availability in different areas. Spectrum is the clear winner in regards to this aspect and trumps Cox.

Bundle Packages

Spectrum and Cox offer similar bundles, but their rates vary significantly. 

Cox’s introductory rate is better than that of Spectrum. However, the standard rate of Cox is much more expensive on average with Spectrum. 

It seems clear which provider comes out ahead in this comparison: it has to be Spectrum!

Data, Cost & Value 

Installation and Other Fees

When it comes to installation fees, Cox and Spectrum are similar. Both companies charge for this service. However, Cox charges a little more than Spectrum. 

It is a common practice for internet/cable providers like this one to offer free installation deals throughout the year if you’re new customers because they want you as their customer!

Data Allowance

In this comparison of Spectrum vs. Cox, there is an obvious winner regarding data allowance. Since Spectrum doesn’t have any limits on their internet plans and allows unlimited usage, they are the better choice for those who use lots of data regularly or want more freedom in how much they can use up without incurring extra costs. 

On the other hand, Cox does limit users’ access with 1 TB limits which most households could surpass if multiple people rely heavily on streaming services like Netflix at once. Even just one during a jam-packed night—Cox isn’t as attractive a deal unless you know that your household won’t ever come close to reaching this cap.

Monthly Charges

To get the most of the internet plan, you must remember that advertised rates are always introductory and generally last only about 12 months. This is true with both Cox and Spectrum, who primarily advertise their plans as introductory rate deals for a year.

Once these intro terms expire, Spectrum turns out to be cheaper to go with than Cox when comparing standard pricing.


When you look at the price difference between Spectrum and Cox’s introductory rate, it appears that Cox is offering a better deal since they are cheaper. 

However, their standard rates are more expensive than those of Spectrum, meaning in the long run, people will end up paying more for Cox, which doesn’t seem like such an attractive offer anymore.


Spectrum seems to be a much better option than Cox for internet service when looking at standard prices. 

Spectrum charges less, which means you ultimately save money in the long run. So, in the end, it’s better to go with Spectrum that offers cheaper plans, than Cox.

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