Digital Art Images menggunakan Fb. Sensible imaging methods both digital and movie, have a limited ” dynamic vary “: the vary of luminosity that may be reproduced precisely. Highlights of the topic which can be too bright are rendered as white, with no element; shadows which might be too dark are rendered as black. The loss of element within the highlights just isn’t abrupt with film, or in dark shadows with digital sensors. “Spotlight burn-out” of digital sensors, shouldn’t be often abrupt in output pictures because of the tone mapping required to suit their giant dynamic range into the more limited dynamic vary of the output (be it SDR display or printing). As a result of sensor parts for various colors saturate in flip, there will be hue or saturation shift in burnt-out highlights.

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Architectural photography can offer viewers more than a mere facsimile of what’s in front of the camera. Photographer Nikola Olic has shown this through a creative approach by focusing on structural abstracts, alongside quotes that detail the story of each building he photographs.

From the outset, it can appear that architectural photography is not a likely genre to offer opportunities for the expression of creativity and individuality. However, Olic, originally from Serbia but currently based in Dallas, Texas, quickly found the appeal of this genre after taking a photograph of Frank Gehry building from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

At the time, he thought the building facade was so unusual that he was unsure how his photograph would be perceived by the audience years later because of the building’s surreal design. This prompted Olic’s curiosity about architectural representation in photography and “poetic freedoms that come with it,” he

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While some film cameras could attain as much as 14 fps, just like the Canon F-1 with rare high velocity motor drive., 50 professional digital SLR cameras can take still photographs at highest body rates Whereas the Sony SLT know-how allows rates of as much as 12 fps, the Canon EOS-1Dx can take stills at a 14 fps fee. The Nikon F5 is proscribed to 36 continuous frames (the length of the movie) without the cumbersome … Read More

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” — Julia Morgan. Those words by the revolutionary architect and engineer best sums up this ongoing series by Serbian photographer Nikola Olic, who describes his style as “abstract structural poetic photography” and ironically began shooting thanks partly due to another renowned architect.

“On the Brooklyn Bridge in 2013, an unusual Frank Gehry building reminded me of the wonderful words of Ansel Adams, insisting that we bring to the act of photography all the pictures we have seen, books we have read, music we have heard, and people we have loved. And with my photography, I hope to add some poetry as well,” he said.

Collectively, Olic’s “Abstract Structural Photography” is the embodiment of a cityscape that is both recognizable, with sites such as The Washington Monument and

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