GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS • Explosive and a jolt to the senses, the photography of Irby Pace is designed to give meaning to the space that’s splashed with colored smoke.

A paradox of artistry, the photos both cover and reveal something about a Pace scene.

“I hang the canister into the landscape and shoot the scene with my camera,” he said. “It’s a little magic and a little smoke-and-mirrors … wink, wink.”

One of the Artists in Residence as a preliminary aspect of the 2021 Green Box Arts Festival this summer, Pace has been hiking and exploring nature and identifying well-known spots in the Pikes Peak Region.

Whether the bridge in Gazebo Park, a ride at Santa’s Workshop, scenes in Garden of the Gods or Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Pace’s use of smoke adds a surprising element to the work. “I like the idea of creating tension, uneasiness in the spaces,”

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With millions of people literally staring at their walls during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, online craft store Etsy has added a helpful feature to their mobile app, making art buying and wall decor placement easier than ever before.

Series of images illustrating the awesome photo-placing powers of Etsy's new AR mobile app feature.
Series of images illustrating the awesome photo-placing powers of Etsy’s new AR mobile app feature.

For most people, placing art on the wall causes a bit of anxiety. For starters, there’s the decision about whether it’s the right style or color for the space. Then come the thoughts about the exact location for a print. A little higher? Slightly to the right? Nobody wants to put excess holes in the wall unnecessarily, so the pressure is really on to get it right the first time.

The process offers challenges during the shopping phase, too. Is it too big or too small for the space? How will a piece look next to

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