How essential is an artist?

Art, you’ve noticed, has been idle.

The artist, in pandemic Chicago, has been stripped of stages, classrooms, materials. Many, who were already working two or three jobs for supplemental income, were stripped of second and third jobs. Some, seeing little light at the end of the COVID tunnel, have probably given up already.

Even a starving artist can last only so long.

And yet, remarkable as it may be seem in 2020, there was a moment, about a decade long, when this country and its White House, eager to get Americans to work, considered its artists essential.

You live everyday with that legacy.

Consider the South Side Community Art Center, an 80-year old institution in a 130-year old Classical Revival house. It rests in an unassuming lot on book profits South Michigan Avenue. It is tall and austere, warm and a bit removed from its

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Actor and director James Franco also has an artistic side.
Actor and director James Franco also has an artistic side.

Astrid Stawiarz/WireImage

  • Many musicians and actors are also talented artists, having showcased their work in solo or group exhibitions.
  • Some of them have a longstanding relationship with art, having produced a variety of paintings, photographs, and performance pieces over the years.
  • Jim Carrey makes long-scale paintings and miniature sculptures, while Patti Smith creates black-and-white prints out of her Polaroid photos.
  • Here are 14 celebrities you may not have known are also talented artists.
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Celebrities are always looking for more outlets and different ways to express their abundant creativity. Some of them are musicians who decide to try acting, while others are actors who want to hone their singing skills.

And then there are those who create art, experimenting with various forms, from painting and photography to graphic design and performance art.

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