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The Sigma fp L is arguably one of the most innovative mirrorless cameras on the market. It’s a stripped-down camera that, with accessories, allows photographers to build back only what is needed. It’s got a lot: from grips to viewfinders and a hot shoe slot. Carrying on with the same body style as the original fp, the Sigma fp L adds a higher-resolution 61-megapixel sensor. The autofocus also gets a boost, and the camera houses more color profiles, along with other smaller tweaks.

But, while innovative, has Sigma stripped away too much? The mirrorless camera lacks a physical, mechanical shutter, relying instead on only an electronic one. It lacks in-body optical stabilization. If you want a hot shoe flash, you can’t add on a viewfinder. And where many companies are making autofocus systems that require three digits to count the

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GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS • Explosive and a jolt to the senses, the photography of Irby Pace is designed to give meaning to the space that’s splashed with colored smoke.

A paradox of artistry, the photos both cover and reveal something about a Pace scene.

“I hang the canister into the landscape and shoot the scene with my camera,” he said. “It’s a little magic and a little smoke-and-mirrors … wink, wink.”

One of the Artists in Residence as a preliminary aspect of the 2021 Green Box Arts Festival this summer, Pace has been hiking and exploring nature and identifying well-known spots in the Pikes Peak Region.

Whether the bridge in Gazebo Park, a ride at Santa’s Workshop, scenes in Garden of the Gods or Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Pace’s use of smoke adds a surprising element to the work. “I like the idea of creating tension, uneasiness in the spaces,”

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Game Boy: The Box Art Collection doesn’t leave you guessing about its contents with its title. It is a 372-page book (also comes with a PDF copy) about showing you high-quality photos of Game Boy box art, and it just feels like a premium product. It’s hardcover with thick pages and sewn binding for better preservation with use, and anyone who sees this bad boy on the coffee table is going to flip through it. Likewise, anyone who approaches this book with strictly a deep appreciation for art will probably walk away quite satisfied. However, there are bizarre oversights in how Game Boy: The Box Art Collection is organized that ultimately leave it a deeply frustrating book, despite how pretty it is.

The bones are strong

Game Boy: The Box Art Collection starts off with an innocuous foreword from Jean-Jacques Calbayrac, or “Gameboycameraman,” before delving into a pretty

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