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While some movie cameras may attain as much as 14 fps, like the Canon F-1 with rare excessive speed motor drive., 50 professional digital SLR cameras can take still photographs at highest body rates Whereas the Sony SLT know-how allows charges of as much as 12 fps, the Canon EOS-1Dx can take stills at … Read More

Need to earn some extra cash and prefer to do so through creative pursuits? You’ve got plenty of options. Here are some creative side hustles that enable you to profit with acting, art, comedy, crafts, fashion, music and photography.


An explosion of new pay channels is generating an abundance of acting jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 32% increase in acting work from 2020 to 2030. That’s four times the job growth rate in the overall economy. But that doesn’t mean actors have an easy time finding work. The BLS notes that most actors suffer long stretches of unemployment, and their average hourly wage is just $21.88. As a result, many actors have “day jobs” — waiting tables and walking dogs, constructing houses or selling them — at least until they strike it big. And while you’ll need an agent once you do, these online platforms

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A pair of knitting needles stuck into a ball of yarn

A pair of knitting needles stuck into a ball of yarn

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Simply put, getting creative gives your mind and body a break from the constant barrage of stress. “When using our bodies, such as in dance, or our hands, as in drawing or coloring, our mind makes space for the activity we’re doing in place of the stress we felt before,” says Sarah Pace, personal health coach and trainer. “Asking our brain to focus on something physical puts us in a sort of meditative state, releasing dopamine and slowing our breath.”

For example, research published in 2018 in Behavioral Sciences found that Creative Arts Therapies (art, music, dance, drama) prevent stress and improve stress management. “[These creative activities] give us a temporary respite from focusing on whatever day-to-day problems we’re experiencing,” says Chloe Carmichael, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety

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The art season for spring has begun and Downtown Dubai’s Foundry —a hybrid progressive art space in the region is all set to present a series of exhibits and talented artists through its five new shows.

Beginning next month, Foundry will host five new shows with more than 10 artists that include some of Emirates prominent ones.

Among its latest presentations is an exhibition by Sharjah based artist Juma Al-Haj, whose artwork envisions the relationship between art and language. In his solo exhibition ‘Frame of Mind’, he takes references from ancient religious texts, as well as personal letters and notes. The outcome is an abstraction of language through painting and a spiritual transcendence towards the metaphysics of language and nostalgia.

Another exhibition at the Foundry is ‘Bangladesh Art Week Dubai’ curated by Niharika Momtaz where Bengali artists such as Tayeba Begum Lipi, Ashfika Rahman and Yasmin Jahan Nupur will be

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