LONDON — It’s hard to believe that India, with all of its aesthetic richness, architectural gems and embrace of color, could be wanting on the museum front.

There may be soaring landmarks, forts, palaces and historical museums, but there is little that highlights contemporary, pre-modern or folk art, photography, popular culture, or even textiles, crafts or design.

Abhishek Poddar, who hails from an art-loving family, has set out to alter India’s landscape with an unusual proposition in Bengaluru, or Bangalore, the country’s version of Silicon Valley.

He’s the founder of the Museum of Art & Photography, a five-story building that’s under construction and set to open at the end of this year, pending COVID-19-related restrictions.

When it does open, MAP will be south India’s first major private art museum, a 42,000-square-foot space that wants to encourage people to experience contemporary art, and Indian heritage, in new ways.

Poddar, a

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The recovery of the senior living industry in 2021 hinges in part on pent-up demand — but capturing it will be easier said than done.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, move-in rates plunged last year, contributing to historically low occupancy rates across the industry. While the extent of pent-up demand is hard to gauge, sales leaders with two of the largest U.S. senior living providers believe it does exist. But that may not translate to a sudden occupancy surge once vaccination efforts take hold and the pandemic comes under control.

“It’s not a big snapback, from my perspective, it is a gradual climb,” Rick Westermann, vice president and senior director of marketing and sales at LCS, said during the recent SHN Sales Summit. “How we [are budgeting] LCS this year is to slowly start to climb back to normalcy in 2021 as the vaccine kicks in.”

In the

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