EDMONDS — Cascadia Art Museum opened three new exhibitions June 5 — two of which have contrasting ideas.

“Origins: Northwest Abstract Art,” focusing on the roots of abstract and non-objective art in the Northwest, “Painted with Light: Northwest Pictorialist Photography,” featuring rare photographs by Northwest masters of pictorialism, and “Gifts and Promised Gifts to the Museum’s Permanent Collections: Part II,” in celebration of the museum’s fifth anniversary, all are showing through Oct. 10.

David Martin, museum curator, explained that he paired the exhibits “Origins” and “Painted with Light” not because they go together, but because they don’t.

“They’re like opposites; they’re so drastically different,” Martin said. “I like to plan shows like that where you go from one exhibition and then you go into another that is so completely different. You get these extreme points of view.”

“Origins: Northwest Abstract Art” features abstract and non-objective art from 1920

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art exhibitions in june

With a new month comes plenty of art to check out…

Want to check out some works of art this month. You’re in the right place as we have rounded up some art exhibitions in June to check out in the city.

Bookmark this page as we will keep adding to it as and when we receive news of more art events and exhibitions taking place this month.

Here are six art exhibitions in June to check out in Dubai

Eternally Pop

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Where: Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery When: Until August 1, 2021

These creations by Italian/French artist Serero Pop Art are digital reworkings that are enriched with resin, beads, sequins, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, acrylics and enamels. Using well-known

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Landscape photography has become the most ubiquitous art form of our time, thanks to smartphone technology and social media. Yet lost in the deluge of National Park selfies is an essential dilemma about our love of these natural places, and how we choose to represent them.

That dilemma is brought to light at two photography exhibitions in downtown Portland this spring, both of which challenge the legacy of Ansel Adams, the vanguard of modern landscape photography.

At the Portland Art Museum’s “Ansel Adams in Our Time” (May 5 to Aug.1) the legendary photographer is both celebrated and questioned, while modern photographer Johnnie Chatman makes a more pointed critique in his affecting show “i forgot where we were…” at Blue Sky Gallery (April 1 to May 29).

The two approach the art form from either end of the timeline. Adams, who died in 1984, began his career in the 1920s. Chatman,

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Muente is a professor of art at Northern Kentucky University. Enlightening and reminding viewers of their own humanity, his paintings portray facets of the human condition such as loss, doubt, wisdom, and faith.

“I try to make narrative paintings that resonate with the viewer’s imagination. The work often asks more questions than answers, that’s the key to suspense,” said Muente.

Other works highlighted at the MAC this spring

On display through May

Another exhibition currently on display at the MAC through May 27 is Ohio Watercolor Society artist, Shirlee Bauer’s collected works of watercolor paintings, which are featured in the MAC Lobby Gallery

On May 3 through May 13, the Miami University Regionals: Student Art Exhibition 2021, will be presented in MAC’s Main Exhibition Hall. The collective exhibition will highlight student artists and designers representing the Miami University Regional Humanities and Arts Department and will feature a variety of mediums

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