Photo/Video: Invention of Film/

At the heart of photography and film is a chemical, optical process intuited by a multitude of medieval alchemists, artists, philosophers, mathematicians, and modern scientists, establishing the world of technology and art we see today. Predating the photographic era, the perspective of art, science, and the physical world was drastically different. Evolving incrementally over years of experimentation and discovery, leagues of visionaries set the stage for the development of Cinematic art, science, and new technology–forever transforming and shaping the cultural norms often taken for granted in the present day.

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” can almost lose its original poetic timbre to someone who has been acclimated to the norms of our modern, technology-based culture and its ability to create (relatively) objective, fixed media records of reality itself. What is written language, but a thought, taken and frozen to retain its form

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The Art Directors Guild has released an 11-page document outlining their set of best practice protocols for film and TV productions operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recommendations are intended to address the day to day experience of ADG members and designed to supplement the industry-wide white paper testing and department-specific protocols.

ADG President Nelson Coates remarked, “We are extremely encouraged by progress being made in industry-wide talks with employers. Considering that commercial production continues, and other forms of film & television prep and production are gearing up even remotely, publishing specific departmental guidance for our members and their employers was prudent and necessary until industry-wide agreements are in place.”

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Executive Director Chuck Parker noted “While no document will ever address every issue or situation our members encounter, we believe these recommendations will provide an additional layer of protection and

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