After a lengthy hiatus, the Southern Light Gallery at Amarillo College springs back from dormancy this fall with a photography exhibit that’s garden fresh, albeit hardly garden variety.

The imagery of veteran photographer Steve Goff will be on display through Oct. 5 at the gallery, which is located on the first floor of the Ware Student Commons at AC’s Washington Street Campus.

Titled Flora Domestica, the exhibit features images from an ongoing project in which Goff photographs flora in his own Odessa, Texas garden by isolating them against homemade backgrounds.

“The plants are never pulled from our yard and photographed in a studio,” Goff says. “They stay connected to our Mother Earth.”

Goff creates the images with a cell phone camera using the Hipstamatic app.

“I’m very fond of the beautiful stylized look, the selected focus and soft tones in my chosen camera app and selection of lens and film”

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