One of the most common myths in photography and art, in general, is that some things are wrong and others are right. This creates a notion that some art is worse than other art. If this were true, the world would never go beyond a predefined concept of art.

Painters like Van Gogh have painted “wrong paintings”. However, executed with the brilliant technique that suits the concept, these “wrong” paintings have become some of the most valuable ones to ever exist. Here is why there is no right or wrong photo, only bad technique.

Art Is Subjective. Really, Is It?

Perhaps the most pretentious thing I hear over and over again when I give feedback is that photography is subjective. There is a significant element of truth to this pretentious-sounding statement. The reason I say this statement is pretentious is that people tend to stop at the fact that art

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Silhouette’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief Isa Diaz discusses her organization’s mission of artistic inclusivity on Virginia Tech’s campus, the obstacles her staff has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, how she uses literary art to communicate to others, and her visions for the magazine’s digital future. As she prepares to pass the torch onto the next editor-in-chief and transition into her director of social events role, Diaz reflects on how Silhouette has helped her identify a leadership style that she can apply to planning community engagement events next year. 

 Collegiate Times (CT): What is your year, major and a career goal of yours?

 Isa Diaz (ID): I’m a junior studying creative writing. I plan on adding a minor in cinema. It’s my career goal to write screenplays and maybe eventually come back to teach at a university.

 CT: When did you get involved in Silhouette? Why did you choose to join in the

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