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The Photographer Who Opened a Store to Serve the Community – The Cut

Introverted Unisex Long Sleeve Tee – Black from photodom

Dominick Lewis is the owner and founder of photodom, a new analog-focused photography store that processes film. How did the name come about? Well, photo + dom(inick). Genius!

5-minute Sunday Interview

Phil Mistry: Do you think film has a future?

Dominick Lewis: Of course! If film didn’t have a future, I would not have opened a store! I feel like analog film has the same staying power as vinyl records. It’s interesting to note that lately, there has been a major movement toward analog film. Several smartphone filters now have “grain” to have the textured look that

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graphical user interface: art exhibitions in june

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art exhibitions in june

With a new month comes plenty of art to check out…

Want to check out some works of art this month. You’re in the right place as we have rounded up some art exhibitions in June to check out in the city.

Bookmark this page as we will keep adding to it as and when we receive news of more art events and exhibitions taking place this month.

Here are six art exhibitions in June to check out in Dubai

Eternally Pop

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Where: Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery When: Until August 1, 2021

These creations by Italian/French artist Serero Pop Art are digital reworkings that are enriched with resin, beads, sequins, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, acrylics and enamels. Using well-known

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PORTLAND — On Friday, June 4 from 5-8 p.m., the Kneeling Art Photography Project (thekneelingartphotography.com), under the direction of Portland artist Titi de Baccarat, opens their first exhibit at the gallery space at 525 Danforth Street.  This community social justice/art project explores the meaning and evolution of the Take-A-Knee gesture by having Maine photographers turn their cameras on diverse Mainers who express why they are kneeling. There are 10 photographers taking part in the exhibit from seasoned professionals to people new to the craft. The opening reception will feature music from renowned keyboardist Jamie Saft and Indo-Jazz percussionist Brian Shankar Adler; dance from The Love Factory and possibly a food truck . As there is no large parking lot, visitors are encouraged to park on Valley Street and walk 2-3 minutes to Danforth.

The gallery space will be open on the following Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 3

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