Raofi is a graduate student at the New York School of Visual Arts. She lives in Rancho Bernardo. Follow the children on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kids.and.camera/

My family was forced to leave Afghanistan during the Soviet Union’s invasion. My father was a prominent man. He was the mayor of our town and had worked hard for the betterment of the Afghan people. He was forced to leave everything behind to save his family from the Soviet Union’s bombs. He brought us to the United States in search of peace, but life as a refugee was tremendously hard. As a child, I saw my family struggle. To this day, these hardships drive me to help others, especially children and women. I use my master’s degree in education and my passion for documentary photography for the betterment of marginalized and refugee children.

In 2018, I created a photography project for children in San

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VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University Art & Design continues years-old traditions in new ways.

The annual spring senior art exhibit opens Sunday, April 18, but online rather than an in-person reception and gallery show.

“Living In Color” features works by 20 graduating art and design students. A variety of styles and artistic media will be represented, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, graphic design, printmaking, book art, ceramics, jewelry and metalworking. 

“This vast array of artistic mediums and subject matter highlights the unique differences in each student and their art,” according to a statement from the students. “From the precise and meticulous drawing, to free-flowing watercolors, to raw and vibrant prints; viewers can experience many distinct types of art, sure to find art that speaks to them.”

Jadah Alford, Lo Baker, Rasheem Callender, Daniel Carter, Caroline Closson, Jennifer Delabra, Sophia Dong, Elliott Ingram, Thuy Le, Joellyn Mak, Christian Perry, Arielle

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The Grunwald Art Gallery is presenting thesis exhibitions from 7 of out of the 13 students in their last year of the master of fine arts program from April 12-23. The former six artist’s work were showcased March 22 to April 2.

The exhibition is open to the public for viewing in person and online. All exhibitions will be available online beginning May 5. 

Program coordinator Linda Tien has been working with the students to set up their works in the gallery.

“Gallery spaces can all be very different, and they all have their own personalities,” Tien said. “This is my expertise. I know the space really well, and I can help them figure out how to prepare all their pieces in this space. I like to think of it as a situation where I am kind of teaching them.”

Tien said she is excited to see the result of

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The news may have come a couple of weeks too late for Australian Open tennis players’ liking, but W Hotels has just unveiled its second hotel in Australia – the much anticipated W Melbourne. W Melbourne aims to add to Melbourne’s buzzing cultural, fashion and foodie scene and has today, the 4th of February 2021, opened its doors to the public.

Part of Marriott International, the hotel is Melbourne’s first luxury lifestyle hotel. Located at 408 Flinders Lane – in the heart of an eclectic dining and edgy fashion district – W-Melbourne intends to bring the community’s “iconic laneway culture and emerging music scene” to life.

Though time (and Instagram hashtags) will tell if that will happen, the hotel certainly has the amenities to back up that claim (or at least help guests have a luxurious experience, regardless of what they find outside the establishment’s walls).

W Hotels worked with

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