The contributions of women behind the lens have often been overlooked, but two new exhibitions at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art are hoping to change that by putting a focus on work that until now has been “underexposed.”

The work of photographer Sheila Pree Bright speaks volumes through the pictures she takes. Some of her work includes photographs taken during the Ferguson protests.

“I’m always seeking to challenging stereotypes and showing the universal commonality amongst us all,” Pree Bright told CBS News’ Dana Jacobson.

Those photographs, along with photos from 85 women photographers, are featured in a 100 piece exhibition at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. The exhibition is entitled “Underexposed: Women Photographers From The Collection.”

Sarah Kennel and Maria Kelly are co-curators. Kennel says the name of the exhibition has so many different meanings.

“Yeah. I mean, first, it’s a photo

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Starting out in photography can be really confusing. There is so much stuff to learn, so many things to do, and so many resources to read, not to mention the insane amount of people screaming opinions at you all the time. It’s hard to fight through all the noise.

To make matters worse, there are so many resources out there that — while they may have great intentions — can often guide you down the wrong path, lead you to dead ends, or influence your mindset in a particular way. For example, if you put too much emphasis on gear or settings or focus on tips that are very domain-specific to a particular category of photography and not pertinent to you, you may not learn anything valuable to creating good photos.

In the video above, I aim to solve that. This video is the answer to all of the common

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Laying bare their complicity as an institution with its own flaws and omissions, gallery notes cop to photographer Edith H. DeLong’s work in the High’s collection being misattributed to her husband. And, of course, many of these images have been unearthed for public exhibition for the first time. To their credit, the High’s photography curators have acknowledged women’s contributions to the medium by bringing their work into the collection. But it may have taken the High’s first woman photography curator in 21 years, Sarah Kennel, to make “Underexposed” happen.

Academics have long discussed the “male gaze” as the organizing principle of film and art; that women are the objects surveyed and men are the ones doing the looking. In “Underexposed” women survey themselves, reflected in an Ilse Bing 1931 self-portrait captured in a series of mirrors. Such self-reflexive examinations of the circumstance of being a woman also crop up in

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Apr. 24—This exhibit is showcasing the world through the lens of a camera.

The “Donald M. Robinson Photography Biennial 2021” exhibition is on display through June 25 in the Sullivan Gallery at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Loretto, St. Francis University campus, 112 Franciscan Way.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Jessica Camp- bell, SAMA’s education coordinator.

“There were talks in creating a juried photography exhibition, which is something we’ve never done. This was supposed to be last spring, then COVID happened, but we were fortunate enough to work with all the artists and they were willing to let us hold their artwork.”

The juried showcase features 92 pieces from 52 artists, including a variety of subjects from traditional to collage to abstract.

‘Great collection’

“It’s a really great collection of photography, spanning all subject matter with a lot of landscapes and nature and some florals,” Campbell

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