Claudia Schiffer says fashion photography never used to be “made to be consumed instantly via social media”.

Claudia Schiffer reflects on changes in fashion photography

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Claudia Schiffer reflects on changes in fashion photography

The 51-year-old supermodel has lamented on the changes in the industry – such as way digital media has overtaken many print magazines – to celebrate the launch of her photo book ‘Captive! Fashion Photography from the 90s’, which is connected to the exhibition she curated in Dusseldorf Museum Kunstpalast.

Asked about the differences between analogue and digital photography in fashion, she told PENTA: “Well, everything was shot on film and tests were in the form of Polaroids to gauge light, composition, and color.

“Today, the edit happens on the screen and imagery can be consumed instantly via social media.”

The catwalk queen suggested that magazines held more weight culturally, while the shoots had bigger budgets which meant longer trips and closer bonds

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The Nikon F SLR

As an art form and a technology, photography’s youth is only matched by its blisteringly rapid advancement. This creates something of a paradox for us as enthusiasts and professionals, where the history of the medium we so love can feel both short and overstuffed. Neither condition is conducive to any one camera gaining, let alone maintaining, a sense of permanence or constancy.

It can be easy to take for granted just how difficult it is for any camera to, well, be taken for granted. Yet here sits the Nikon F, many decades since the initial release, as capable as ever, timeless like few others, and arguably the most important SLR in history.

It is remarkable, really, if you think about it. After all, Nikon did not invent the single-lens reflex camera with the F; in terms of next-level innovation, it holds no serious claim in any one area.

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Wildling Museum of Art and Nature hosts photography workshop with Nic Stover

By Caleb Wiseblood

Central Coast-based photographer Nic Stover (whose photo, Van Gogh Blue, is pictured) will lead a photography workshop at the Wildling Museum of Art and Nature in Solvang on Sunday, Jan. 30, from 2 to 4:30 p.m. The class is described as being designed for photographers of all skill levels seeking to improve their editing skills.


“In this session, class participants will see how the most impactful and compelling images are those that have the proper balance of technique, vision, and processing,” Stover said in a press release. “All of these

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Like many photography buffs, Rob Cowan bought a digital camera as soon as they came out a couple decades ago. He loved its instantaneous results and the freedom it gave him to shoot unlimited images until he achieved the perfect shot.

Then about six years ago, the 39-year-old San Diego resident got bored with digital photography for the very same reasons. Where was the challenge, the thought process and the artistry? So he returned to traditional film photography and never looked back.

“It has its own feeling,” he said. “It’s tangible. You can hold on to it and see it in front of your eyes.”

Cowan is not alone. Over the past five years, millions of Americans have re-embraced or newly discovered the old-school art of film photography. Sales of Kodak roll film doubled from 2014 to 2019 and the value of used film cameras has skyrocketed.

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