Laying bare their complicity as an institution with its own flaws and omissions, gallery notes cop to photographer Edith H. DeLong’s work in the High’s collection being misattributed to her husband. And, of course, many of these images have been unearthed for public exhibition for the first time. To their credit, the High’s photography curators have acknowledged women’s contributions to the medium by bringing their work into the collection. But it may have taken the High’s first woman photography curator in 21 years, Sarah Kennel, to make “Underexposed” happen.

Academics have long discussed the “male gaze” as the organizing principle of film and art; that women are the objects surveyed and men are the ones doing the looking. In “Underexposed” women survey themselves, reflected in an Ilse Bing 1931 self-portrait captured in a series of mirrors. Such self-reflexive examinations of the circumstance of being a woman also crop up in

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During May, the Camden Public Library will host an online show of photographic artwork by Sue Michlovitz and Dianne Kittle called “Visual Artists: Our Journeys to a Personal Project.”

Michlovitz and Kittle are both pursuing Master of Fine Arts degrees at Maine Media College in Rockport and are to graduate in May.

Sue Michlovitz Contributed photo

The images featured in the show highlight work that each artist has collected for publication in two books. The online show will be complemented by a Zoom event with Michlovitz and Kittle at 6 p.m. Monday, May 3. To request a Zoom link to attend, email [email protected].

“My images convey scenes that may go unnoticed by others,” said Michlovitz, according to a news release from the library. “I frame the images to create new perspectives of what I photograph.”

Michlovitz, whose mediums are photography and book art, is a member of the

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VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University Art & Design continues years-old traditions in new ways.

The annual spring senior art exhibit opens Sunday, April 18, but online rather than an in-person reception and gallery show.

“Living In Color” features works by 20 graduating art and design students. A variety of styles and artistic media will be represented, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, graphic design, printmaking, book art, ceramics, jewelry and metalworking. 

“This vast array of artistic mediums and subject matter highlights the unique differences in each student and their art,” according to a statement from the students. “From the precise and meticulous drawing, to free-flowing watercolors, to raw and vibrant prints; viewers can experience many distinct types of art, sure to find art that speaks to them.”

Jadah Alford, Lo Baker, Rasheem Callender, Daniel Carter, Caroline Closson, Jennifer Delabra, Sophia Dong, Elliott Ingram, Thuy Le, Joellyn Mak, Christian Perry, Arielle

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LAS CRUCES – An art show inspired by the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument and the nearby ranches and farmland opens at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces on April 23.

“Monumental Territory” will be displayed in the museum’s arts corridor through the end of July 2021. The show features 22 creative works by Las Cruces artist Kayla Blundell.

Her artist-in-residence selection for the Friends of the Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monument program in 2016 inspired the art in this show. The exhibit displays abstract paintings, including acrylic spray paint and photographs. Her work relates to the culture of New Mexico as it captures the beauty of the national monument and the farm life and ranch communities near it, according to a museum news release. 

In some of her mixed media work, she uses Papier-mâché to make a 3D effect to help the viewer experience

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