Jun. 10—The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has selected Stillwater’s Claire Dabney, a senior at Oklahoma State University, as one of two student fellowship award winners.

OVAC announced the awards earlier this week. Norman’s Jason Cytacki and Tulsa’s Skip Hill were announced as Visual Arts Fellows, while University of Oklahoma artist Dimani Barzbashi joined Dabney as a student fellow.

“The Fellowship and Student Fellowship Awards honor these artists’ achievements and offer financial support for visual artists here in Oklahoma,” says OVAC’s Executive Director, Krystle Kaye. “We are so proud of these artists and we look forward to the next chapter in their careers.”

Dabney, who is entering her final semester at OSU, works in photography, oil paint and fiber arts.

“Dabney’s photography focuses on feminist iconography, while her paintings confront social issues and mental health,” the OVAC release reads.

Her work has been featured at the Modella Gallery.

“In my

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Arts advocate Patrick Moore of Montevideo was inspired by Nicole Zempel’s nature photography currently on display at the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council’s gallery in Marshall.

Zempel’s up-close photographs of mushrooms, lichen, moss, and slime mold blend science and art in a way that is both familiar and otherworldly.

“I just kind of get blown away by these photos,” said Moore. “I can’t believe that these are real, that this is something that you will find within 10 miles of my house. She has an exceptional eye.”

A closeup shot of slime mold spores taken by Nicole Zempel.

A close-up shot of slime mold spores taken by Nicole Zempel.

Courtesy of Nicole Zempel | Southwest Minnesota Arts Council

The exhibit runs through June 25, with a virtual tour available on YouTube.

Theater director Addie Gorlin-Han recently attended Fawzia Khan’s “Becoming Visible” exhibit at Hopkins Center for the Arts. Khan received a 2020 Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant to interview 12 Minnesota

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Arts Visalia is featuring the works of Kalee Appleton and Brita d’Agostino through the month of July. Kalee Appleton’s work blurs the lines between drawing, sculpture, and photography to create alluring new forms and shapes that merge both 2D and 3D elements. Also on display are the exquisite collage and installation works of Brita d’Agostino. These collages create a trick of the eye that give them an appearance of a 3D form. The exhibitions are on display from June 30th through July 30th, 2021.
Arts Visalia is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from Noon-5:30 p.m. Drop by or schedule an appointment by calling 559-739-0905 or emailing [email protected] We have created Virtual Gallery Tours that are available at www.artsvisalia.org/virtual-tours, so enjoy the show virtually or in person.

Arts Visalia’s

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