It was a radical concept for its time in the early 1930s: create a graduate art school program without grades, classes, degrees or even teachers.

When the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills was created nearly 90 years ago, it shunned the idea of learning from traditional professors. Instead, artists would teach other artists.

Today, the academy, founded in 1932, still operates with that same sense of hands-on instruction (though degrees are now awarded). Now, a new exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum pays homage to the artists and works that that unusual approach helped create.

“With Eyes Opened: Cranbrook Academy of Art since 1932” at the Cranbrook Art Museum opens to the general public Sunday and runs through Sept. 19, featuring more than 275 pieces from 225 Cranbrook Academy of Art artists, faculty and alumni.

It represents all of the academy’s programs of study, including architecture, ceramics, design,

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It is 1881, the year President James Garfield is assassinated, Kansas becomes the first state to ban alcoholic beverages, Barnum & Bailey Circus debuts at Madison Square Garden, the American Red Cross is founded by Clara Barton and Sioux Chief Sitting Bull surrenders to U.S. troops.

In Little Rock, John A. Jungkind opens a pharmacy at 714 Main St., selling medicines and sundries, baking supplies, seeds and photography supplies. He eventually begins selling paints, brushes and other art materials.

One hundred and forty years later, the business, now known as Art Outfitters and owned by Kerry Kemp, is still keeping Arkansas artists equipped with materials they need to create.

Along with Besser Hardware, which also started in 1881 in Little Rock, the store is one of the oldest retailers in the city.

It has been a circuitous route, with name changes and relocations, a couple of world wars, the Depression,

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I am a technical professional who wanted to become an artist in his middle years. I confess that I had no previous art training except for making papier-mâché boxes in high school!

I learned that the Internet could not teach me what I needed, except perhaps how to take an average travel photo.

After more than 12 years of diligent (albeit part-time) work, I now reflect on the journey and highlight those joys of the path that were important in the development of my art from the camera.

This article is about sharing my experience as I became proficient in the basic technical aspects of the camera. These are the joys of my early years in photography.

Taking and viewing pictures with a digital camera

Having used film in my exceedingly early years and not liking the darkroom, the ability to instantly view an image of what I had

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