There’s an inherent freedom to photography as a creative outlet, especially when you’re capturing landscapes or urban environments. But the COVID era has seen many of us confined to our homes and cut off from the world around us.

As people turned to the internet and online spaces to stay connected, one particular community has found a way to keep their passion for photography alive — gamers. This is detailed in the latest episode of the narrative podcast series Gameplay, published by Lawson Media. Gameplay explores video games and the virtual worlds that power culture and community.

The video game industry fared well during the pandemic, and gaming communities were prepared for the isolation that came with it, with well-established online spaces for social connection. With things like voice chat and streaming, there’s always a place to interact with friends and like-minded people. And when you can’t venture

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It was a radical concept for its time in the early 1930s: create a graduate art school program without grades, classes, degrees or even teachers.

When the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills was created nearly 90 years ago, it shunned the idea of learning from traditional professors. Instead, artists would teach other artists.

Today, the academy, founded in 1932, still operates with that same sense of hands-on instruction (though degrees are now awarded). Now, a new exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum pays homage to the artists and works that that unusual approach helped create.

“With Eyes Opened: Cranbrook Academy of Art since 1932” at the Cranbrook Art Museum opens to the general public Sunday and runs through Sept. 19, featuring more than 275 pieces from 225 Cranbrook Academy of Art artists, faculty and alumni.

It represents all of the academy’s programs of study, including architecture, ceramics, design,

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The 10 Best Photo Booth Rentals in Seattle, WA (with Free Estimates)

When you invite the guest at your event then there are a variety of photo booth Washington options to take photos. Wouldn’t the guests and the individuals from the event feel more huge in case they see that their photographs are taken with the most limited thought? 

Exactly when you initially consider photo corners, the primary concern to come at the highest point of the need list is that it’s the new prevailing fashion with respect to picture taking. It is basically a space where a camera is presented that even guests can work with a lone snap of a catch. 

How guests can enjoy with the photo booth 

Notwithstanding the way that guests can work the structure in isolation, such assistance really goes with an expert. These people will ensure that the machine or the entire system is working fittingly. 

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CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago nonprofit formed to highlight the lack of leaders of color within the city’s arts and cultural systems is asking artists of color to imagine what the nation’s third-largest city could look like without stubborn inequities in art, theater and other institutions.

The first phase of Enrich Chicago’s new program, called Imagine Just, begins this month. The series of brainstorming sessions will ask artists, performers and other Chicagoans to imagine what an equitable arts and cultural scene could look like.

Nina Sánchez, co-director of Enrich Chicago, sees the project as an expansion of the organization’s focus on anti-racism training and education within Chicago’s arts and cultural community.

The organization was founded in 2014 by former leaders of the influential Joyce Foundation and the Auditorium Theatre. It now counts more than 50 arts and cultural organizations as partners.

But the coronavirus pandemic and widespread activism during the

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