Digital Art Images menggunakan Facebook. In recent times there was a development in the websites which help painting digitally on-line. The consumer is still drawing digitally with the use of software program: often the software program is on the server of the web site which is getting used. However, with the emergence of html5, some applications now partly use the shopper’s internet browser to deal with a number of the processing. The vary of instruments and brushes may be more restricted than free standing software. Velocity of response, quality of colour and the power to save lots of to a file or print are related in both media.

Steve McCurry, most famous for his film image Afghan Girl” (1985), is now recognized for working with digital platforms to take photographs in locales world wide. Portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz is acknowledged for her work with Rolling Stone journal and photographing celebrities … Read More

The Duneland Photography Club, a group of photography enthusiasts from across Northwest Indiana, is exhibiting a group show titled “Seasons Change and So Did I” at the Chesterton Art Center in downtown Chesterton this month.

The title comes from the song “No Time” by The Guess Who.

“It depicts moving on from someone or something. This past year we have been dealing with the coronavirus that has affected us all in some way,” the Chesterton Art Center said in a press release. “So, this theme

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When it comes to landscape photography, any photographer specializing in the genre can tell you just how difficult it is to make any sort of income. Stock photography – once a mainstay source of income for landscape photographers – has almost come to an abrupt stop, given the sheer number of photographs being submitted throughout the years.

Speaking of numbers, given the large number of smartphones sold each year, paired with the ease of printing at-home or through online sources, it’s no wonder print sales have suffered so drastically. The quality of smartphone cameras has allowed everyday individuals to print their vacation snapshots at sizes larger than ever before, decorating their homes without spending a whole lot of money. While this is great for them, it makes monetizing landscape photography extremely difficult.

With all this in mind, many photographers who find meaning and overall enjoyment through the pursuit of

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MILWAUKEE — Let’s face it when you check out a website for local business, you don’t really expect to see a 12 year old CEO.

“I pretty much am the one man shop I design all my cards from photography or art,” shares John Daniels the IV of Mequon.

Daniels oversees his business “Pontem MKE”. He explains the name of his company.

“The content is focused on building bridges through creativity. My mom told me look up the Latin word for bridge. I did and that’s how I found Pontem. I strive to be a bridge-builder through creative skills.”

Daniels sells and designs custom cards and stationery.

“I take the photography mostly myself, and I edit them to make them into a piece of art.”

How’s business?

“I have been able to do some orders from Wisconsin, Illinois, all the way to Texas and Florida,” shares the middle schooler.


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