16 Inspiring Photos Winners Of ‘Hasselblad Heroines’ 2022

In celebration of the International Women’s Day and of Women’s History Month, the Hasselblad camera company has announcedf the winners of its international Hasselblad Heroines annual photo competition recognizing female photographers from across the globe for their creativity and dedication to the craft.

For its fourth year, the Hasselblad Heroines awards highlights a select group of diverse female photographers who are stamping their mark on the photographic industry.

“By putting a spotlight on these creatives, Hasselblad Heroines hopes to encourage the next generation of female photographers to go against the grain and bring their creative visions to life,” the organizers said.

This year’s heroines are eight remarkable photographers from different continents working in a wide range of genres including travel, architecture, nature, product, food and beverage, wedding, conceptual fine art and portrait photography.

Their images have been featured in galleries, billboards and print and on online platforms.

Elevating The Unreal

Aline Smithson grew up in Hollywood and is well acquainted with artistic expression and the idea of the unreal.

She works as a film photographer and has produced countless series in both portraiture and fine art photography evoking a sense of beauty, pathos and joy. She always works alone, without stylists or makeup artists.

Bringing new photographic perspectives

Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, Stephanie Blomkamp is the founder and editor of high art photography magazine Oath, curates exhibitions, mentors fellow photographers and makes her own photo portraits.

She describes her style as structured and surreal and has established herself on the world stage with magazine covers and exhibitions of her work – a result of many years learning the craft.

Bold Sculptural Forms

California-based Gigi Chung distills complex scenes into bold sculptural form, emphasizing lines, shapes and contrast with conscious inclusion of esthetically-pleasing elements.

Her photography has taken her across the globe to galleries and elite photography competitions alike. From Hong Kong to the United States, travel has played a large role in Gigi’s architecture and urban photography.

Celebrating People’s Happiest Moments

Lisa Devlin started out in fashion, then worked as a music and celebrity photographer for many years before moving into the wedding business by chance.

She has worked her way into the industry while continuing her editorial photography, shooting creative and unique wedding set-ups that feed into her work and help her capture couples, brides and grooms in new and exciting ways.

Travelling to unchartered territory

Originally from Nigeria, Lola Akinmade Åkerström makes her home in Stockholm, Sweden, where she has set up a successful business as a best-selling author, travel photographer and award-winning storyteller.

But the road to becoming a successful travel photographer wasn’t easy. She worked her way into the industry and has found a unique style in a field many dream of being able to turn into their full-time job.

“Lola’s mission to make black women more visible in the travel photography world has driven her to become a brand within herself,” Hasselblad explains.

Capturing the feeling of nature

Photography communities are integral to the craft. When a budding photographer wants to make a living out of her passion, it’s often the advice of others that helps her carve out space in a competitive and often cut-throat business.

Annie Spratt has had a huge hand in these communities and their evolution as the internet became part of our everyday lives and careers.

Her work with Unsplash has grown from an idea that photographers might share their work for free into one of the world’s most popular photo-sharing websites. Through Unsplash, she was also able to take the step herself into professional photography.

The art of food and photography

Food and drink photography is a niche that requires a specific skill set and eye for a good photo. Karen Thomas is a photographer who clearly bears those skills and has been featured on billboards and television screens across the world with her enticing images.

While photography often makes people feel different things, the food category has one goal – to make you hungry. “And it’s a lot harder than you think to make food look delicious for an ad campaign, with every single pixel in the spotlight,” Hasselblad explains.

Product and watch photography

Lydia Winters started out at Mojang Studios – makers of Minecraft – where she was the seventh employee and first woman to join the company. Now she hosts a popular online show and is the chief storyteller for a game that has become a global household name .

But Lydia craved another creative outlet and over the years has honed her craft as a photographer, specializing in product and watch photography, in addition to her day job.

“As a product of the social media generation, she’s looking to market herself and find her place in the photography space,” Hasselblad says.

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