September 23, 2023


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Does the ‘Virgin River’ Cast Look Familiar? Here’s Where You’ve Seen Them Before

Season three of Virgin River just premiered on Netflix, and it’s already claimed a spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched TV shows. While watching the series, you’ve probably recognized some of the actors. So, we compiled a complete list of the Virgin River cast, so you can virtually meet the stars (and save yourself from asking, “Where else have I seen them?”).

From Alexandra Breckenridge to Tim Matheson, keep scrolling for details.

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What else she’s been in: The Walking Dead, True Blood, American Horror Story: Murder House, This Is Us

In addition to Virgin River, she’s widely known for playing Kevin’s ex-wife, Sophie, in the popular NBC series This Is Us. When she’s not acting, she’s likely taking care of her two children—Jack (4) and Billie (3)—alongside her husband, guitarist Casey Hooper.

What else he’s been in: Grey’s Anatomy, Bride and Prejudice, Inside the Box

Unlike his character, he hails from New Zealand and, therefore, has an accent.

What else he’s been in: Riverdale, iZombie, Battlestar Galactica

He’s basically a pro in the supernatural/sci-fi genre.

What else she’s been in: Orphan Black, Mr. D, Bloody Mary

When she’s not in front of the camera, the Canadian actress enjoys doing photography.

What else he’s been in: Animal House, Bonanza, Hart of Dixie

After portraying Dr. Brick Breeland on Hart of Dixie, Virgin River seemed like a fitting follow-up.

What else she’s been in: Smallville, The Huntress, It

You probably remember her from Smallville, where she played Clark Kent’s mom.

What else she’s been in: I Think I Do, Open Heart, Fast Track

Oh, and how could we forget about her four-episode run on 24?

What else she’s been in: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The Arrangement, Jason X

If she looks familiar, it’s probably because she’s all over Hallmark.

What else he’s been in: Suits, Code Black, The Joneses

Yes, he starred alongside Meghan Markle. And no, we don’t have photographic evidence.

What else he’s been in: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Saving Hope

Although he only appears in flashbacks in Virgin River, there’s no denying the New Zealander caught our eye.

What else she’s been in: Sanctuary, When Calls the Heart, Those Damn Canadians, Arrow, Tin Star

Although her character passed away in Virgin River season three, she’s set to return in flashbacks.

What else she’s been in: Nancy Drew, The Good Doctor, Without a Trace, For the People, Bates Motel

You probably know Zibby Allen as the actress who plays Jack’s sister, but she’s also recognized for playing Nurse Zibby in Grey’s Anatomy and Winter Maddox (AKA Madam Goo Goo) in Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm.

What else she’s been in: Mystery 101, Supernatural, The Haunting Hour, The Secret Circle, Arrow, Rush

Sarah Dugdale also has appeared in several television movies, like Sugar Babies, Stolen Daughter, Sorority Murder, Woman of the House, The Bad Seed and Death of a Cheerleader.

What else he’s been in: Saints, Game On, The Art of Racing in the Rain

Grayson Gurnsey is an up-and-coming actor, who got his big break as Cody Stewart in Saints.

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