Invitations to Graduation Parties: When Should You Send Them

Celebrations of Graduation is an important time in a student’s life. It is a time to celebrate all of the hard work they have put in and to look ahead to what the future holds. For many people, graduation parties are a way to celebrate this major milestone with friends and family. If you are planning on throwing a graduation party, when should you send out invitations?

grad announcements always give something to talk about! It is a moment of celebration that involves family, friends, and colleagues around such an important achievement. An unforgettable and very proud moment.

What many don’t know are the details behind this event. It is a range of care that guarantees a peaceful graduation party, full of vibrancy and success.

Party Dinner

There is a very common question at graduation parties: “Do I offer cocktails or dinner?”. Our tip is to consider the audience your party is intended for when choosing one of these bets.

If you choose to do something more family and traditional, it’s important to think about having dinner. Older people tend to associate these moments of celebration with a formal dinner time.

If your idea is to have a younger and more relaxed party, the cocktail goes super well. It gives you the flexibility to follow the party even before dinner takes place.

And call you!

A common mistake is to imagine that cocktails are cheaper than dinner. This is not always true. If you choose to offer a cocktail with hot portions, it will probably match the value of a basic dinner.

Design Your Announcement with Basic Invite

BasicInvite has a wide variety of graduation invitation templates. With its own customizable templates, They have already fulfilled the dream of many students with easily editable templates. There are many suitable invitations templates and the best quality of commitment, creativity, cooperation, and impeccability.

graduation party invites to make the dream of several students come true with differentiated and high-quality invitations, taking care of all the details and finishes, from the budget request to the delivery date. For your satisfaction monitor everything. And the best, your invitation is made in a totally personalized and exclusive way!

In short:

Don’t get caught up in formalities. The important thing is to make it clear for which moment he is being invited and offer him all the necessary information to attend the event.


The answer to this question may seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually a few factors you’ll want to take into account before sending out those invitations. For example, how many people will be graduating? When is the party going to be? And most importantly, when do you need RSVPs? 

If you wait too long to send out your invites, some guests may have already made other plans or might not be able to make it due to scheduling conflicts. But if you send them out too early, guests might forget or lose them. So what’s the sweet spot? According to etiquette experts, graduation invitations should be sent six weeks before the party. This gives guests enough time to plan and

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