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Storm’s Iconic Punk Look Returns In Stunning X-Men Fan Art

On the pages of the comic series Uncanny X-Men, Storm shocked her teammates with her new punk look, one that makes a comeback in stunning fan art!

One of the greatest members, leaders, and fighters the X-Men have ever worked with is unarguably Ororo Munroe aka Storm, an X-Men member who has taken on many different looks throughout her comic career, including the iconic punk look which made a stunning return in a new piece of X-Men fan art. Originally revered as a goddess, Storm is mainly depicted as she was introduced, with long white hair and an inviting yet authoritative presence. In one of her best looks since the original, Storm flips her image on its head and goes full punk-rock as depicted in this astounding new fan art. 

Storm first debuted her punk look in Uncanny X-Men #173 by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. The new striking look was that of a tall mohawk with her head shaved on both sides plus the added wardrobe change which got rid of the flowing costume and replaced it with a leather jacket, pants and top, not to mention the spiked choker. 


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In two separate Tweets by Drew Moss, the artist depicts Storm in her punk-rocker look using her mutant powers to summon storms from the heavens in an image that perfectly captures that iteration of the character. While the two images are of the same character, the two are different by way of Storm’s apparent attitude. In the first image, Storm looks like she is soaring through the sky and enjoying herself, sporting a smile while showing off her powers. In the second, Storm looks focused and even angry as she is shown summoning a bolt of lightning in aggressive fashion, apparently while attacking an enemy of the X-Men. 

While the two images show Storm in two different lights, the costume, including outfit and hair style, is exactly the same and very much reminiscent of the one she first showed off in Uncanny X-Men #173. Storm’s punk-rocker image is now easily one of her most iconic looks, but when it was first introduced, some X-Men members would disagree. Storm showed off her new look to her fellow X-Men including Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, and Jean Grey, and they didn’t take it very well at all. When Storm showed her team the new look, Kitty Pryde literally ran off crying as she was so upset that Storm would change her appearance so abruptly and dramatically while Cyclops and Jean just questioned why she did it. 

While Kitty may have run away crying when she saw Storm’s punk look, X-Men fans certainly had a different reaction. Storm’s tight leather clothes and mohawk hairstyle stuck around for some time and was even adapted to the screen in the film X-Men: Apocalypse, proving it is truly one of the most hardcore costumes worn by any X-Men member, let alone just Storm herself. The timelessness of Storm’s punk look is perfectly captured in the two separate pieces of fan art that threw Storm right into the heart of the action.

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Source: Drew Moss (12)

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