MILWAUKEE — Let’s face it when you check out a website for local business, you don’t really expect to see a 12 year old CEO.

“I pretty much am the one man shop I design all my cards from photography or art,” shares John Daniels the IV of Mequon.

Daniels oversees his business “Pontem MKE”. He explains the name of his company.

“The content is focused on building bridges through creativity. My mom told me look up the Latin word for bridge. I did and that’s how I found Pontem. I strive to be a bridge-builder through creative skills.”

Daniels sells and designs custom cards and stationery.

“I take the photography mostly myself, and I edit them to make them into a piece of art.”

How’s business?

“I have been able to do some orders from Wisconsin, Illinois, all the way to Texas and Florida,” shares the middle schooler.


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Not only sunglasses are excellent fashion fitment, they are also very crucial when it comes to keeping the good health of our eyes. According to medical professionals, there are two primary reasons why individuals need to wear sunglasses: for comfort and health. From the health’s point of view, people want to keep ultraviolet light away from the eyes and into the surrounding skin.

From the comfort’s standpoint, some people are very sensitive to brightness, as well as glare. By cutting down the brightness as well as the glare, individuals will perform a lot better and be very comfortable. Experts said that these things protect people’s eyes from sunburns and help slows down macular deterioration and cataracts.

Not only is that, the skin around it, like our lids, considered as one of the most prone parts of our body to get skin cancer. That is why protecting our skin in the … Read More

Art & Entertainment,Art & Visual,Art & Culture,Art & Design,Digital Art PhotographyDigital Art Photography menggunakan Facebook. Steve McCurry, most famous for his movie picture Afghan Lady” (1985), is now recognized for working with digital platforms to take images in locales all over the world. Portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz is acknowledged for her work with Rolling Stone magazine and photographing celebrities together with Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. Other well-known people who make art with this digital method to traditional pictures embrace Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb, David Black, Invoice Atkinson, Lorne resnick, Peter Dazeley, Rob Davies, Petter Hegre, and Jim Hancock.

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With data analytics inherently linked to business intelligence, we are able to expect development in augmented analytics to have an effect on BI platforms. In the previous, knowledge analysts would have had to comb by way of thousands of paperwork to search for particular knowledge factors. Now, with advances in NLP, data extraction is exponentially faster and much simpler. These developments have led some experts to say that NLP is the future of business.

Indeed, for many of the world’s largest corporations, sustainability is seen as key to minimizing threat, growing resilience, enhancing competitiveness and unlocking new alternatives. Such turmoil easily may have spelled the top, or at least the pause, of anything having to do with business and sustainability.

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