May 23, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Davenport composer, professor draws inspiration from patience for new album | Local News

“During the pandemic shutdown, I realized that those quiet times were really wonderful, and it wasn’t just to be to be quiet or be bored or something at all. It was a way to basically meditate and I meditate often through music and find a personal power within,” Campbell said. 

He also used elements of the natural world, like clouds and gardens, as inspiration. 

Those who go to his performance Sept. 10 will have a visual element added to their experience, more than just the sight of Campbell playing the piano. 

Videos, photography and other art will be projected in the fine arts center while Campbell performs, connecting with elements of the music. With the 2D art, Campbell has filmed up close and at different angles, so the audience can see as much of it as possible during the concert.

“I’m adding some motion, and it creates a different kind of experience for the audience because they can linger on the art like you would in a gallery,” he said. “Pairing the visuals with the music is kind of a fun thing to do.”

“All in Due Time” is a concept album, with one vision stringing all the pieces together. Concept albums are best listened to all in one sitting, Campbell said, rather than listening two one or two songs at a time. 

“I’m hoping people will … actually find the time to relax within the music and use it as an opportunity for personal growth,” he said.