June 18, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Revolutionizing the Photography Space with NFTs

A few years ago, if someone asked you the monetary value of an internet meme or Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, you’d have found it strange. After all, what value can a mundane tweet or a meme hold? But today, they can be worth thousands of dollars, thanks to non-fungible tokens, a.k.a. NFTs. By creating on-chain, unique representations of everyday things like music, art, videos, and memes, NFTs catapulted their value from almost nothing to millions of dollars.

So naturally, the trend spread like wildfire, opening new opportunities for artists and creative professionals across the globe to gain recognition like never before. Artists can now claim ownership of their work and make a sustainable living through NFTs. From their supporters’ point of view, they get exclusive access to their favorite artist’s work in the form of NFTs.

As the NFT world keeps evolving to different dimensions, we see the launch of new NFT projects every single day. But one novel project that has the potential to make a mark of its own in the NFT space is Shabangrs.

For Photographers by Photographers

When compared to a regular NFT project, Shabangrs has quite the unique approach to NFTs. For starters, it is a photography-inspired collection of 10,000 NFTs created in honor of photographers from across the globe. While artists and creators have long been recognized in the NFT space, photographers and their art are still on the back burner, and now, Shabangrs aims to change that. But that’s not all.

Alongside being a futuristic NFT project, Shabangrs is also building a photography metaverse called Shabangrsville. This ambitious project was envisioned by the renowned photographer Peter Hurley who realized that the next step in the evolution of photography was going to be on the blockchain via NFTs. And Shabangrs is the first step in that direction.

The vibrant collection of 10,000 photography-inspired NFTs brings the best of photography onto a single platform. Not just photographers but anyone even remotely interested in photography would be able to find and own a uniquely curated piece of art. Everyone who owns an NFT on this platform is automatically considered to be a citizen of Shabangrsville, giving them access to the best photographers, creatives, and resources in the world.

Apart from this, these NFTs are dynamic in nature and come with exclusive lifetime perks that the NFT owners can claim. These perks include special offers, giveaways, access to official merchandise, and headshot crew memberships. Users have the choice to choose whether or not they want to claim the perk, where claiming the perk reduces the rarity. In turn, the value of the NFT also decreases, but the perks are worth the trade-off. However, if the user chooses not to claim the perk, the value of the NFT and its rarity are retained and can be sold on NFT marketplaces. The cherry on the cake is that a percentage of all NFT sales will be directed towards a charity that teaches photography to refugee children.

An NFT project like this could be truly revolutionary for the photography space, recognizing the work of photographers and giving a platform for them to truly shine. The project has a robust roadmap in place to ensure speedy development and distribution of perks. When 25% of the NFTs are sold, Shabangrs will donate $5000 to the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay’s Picture My Life annual program. And when the sales hit 50%, $10K will be donated to the same program. Along with this, Rarity tools listing, OpenSea verification, and the grand opening of Shabangrsville are planned for the near future.

Unleashing the NFT Power

Within just a couple of years, NFTs went from being a hidden part of blockchain technology to taking the center stage in decentralized operations. These digital diamonds have laid the path for the transformation of the art, music, films, and the creative world as a whole with revolutionary use-cases. Now, as Shanbangrs unleashes the power of NFTs in the world of photography, the revolution that photographers hoped for could unfold, taking the value of their art to the moon.