In addition to Jusu, five other artists from Trenton will contribute to the project including recording artist Umar “BIG OOH!” Alim, singer/songwriter Hana Sabree, poet Terra Applegate, and videographer Diego Gordon. Jennet Jusu, Bentrice’s sister, will incorporate dance.

“No matter what the paper says, no matter how you perceive people, no matter the stories you hear [from a] third person whatever the case may be, it’s somebody that loved the person. It’s somebody that was affected by the death. It’s somebody that misses that person,” said Alim during a virtual panel at this year’s Art All Night festival in Trenton.

Alim added that the project will prevent people from forgetting those lost to violence.

“I feel like this is a platform to keep their name alive and talk to the family to get perspective on the story,” he told the panel.

Mental health is also at the forefront of the

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