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Social media has changed the game in how we communicate both personally and professionally, creating a space where words are the side character and photos are the main character of how we portray ourselves to the world. With the abundance of images being thrown at us on a daily basis, generic stock photography won’t cut it if you want your brand to stand out in ad campaigns, social media marketing, websites, and more.

Interrupting the world of stock photography, Scopio has taken a new approach with access to over 700 thousand authentic, royalty-free images from around the world. You now have the chance for your pictures to be worth a thousand words with the Scopio subscription.

Christina Hawatmeh, the founder of Scopio who’s featured

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“Somehow I feel more alive when I use the weekend and my free time to photograph”, says Artur Lahoz of Brazil. Much like many of our readers, he uses photography to escape the complexities of his weekdays, and he finds some much-needed solace in analogue photography. We caught up with him to understand the intricacies behind his latest double exposure film project – ‘She Was The Universe’.

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Astrophotography can be daunting. But when you try doing it on film, it’s even more unpredictable. Artur Lahoz takes this to another level by adding the magic of double exposures to the equation. Combining the musical influences from his teenage years with his

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