April 15, 2024


Super Art is Almost

ZAAP Art Gallery Featuring Joe Clark Photography for August’s First Friday

DOWNTOWN ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local photographer, Joe Clark, will have his artwork on display at the Zanesville Appalachian Art Project Gallery -also known as the ZAAP gallery- for Art Coz’s First Friday event tomorrow and for the entire month of August.

Joe Clark is a local photographer who is inspired by nature and enjoys capturing the beauty in natural scenes. All his pieces he’ll have on display at the ZAAP will be photographed without the use of digital camera technology.

“The pieces I’ve brought and displayed you see behind me, would be from film -no digital images that I’ve printed are here. So these will all be the older film style printing and photography work,” Joe Clark of Joe Clark Photography stated.

Joe Clark finds that the ZAAP provides a great environment for artists like him and amateurs just starting out in a craft to express their passion and grow their skills.

“I’d just like to encourage anybody interested in and has a passion in that they just pursue that and enjoy what you’re doing. Especially the arts, this is a great location and venue for any upcoming artist that has an interest of any sort,” Clark said.

You can view more of his work on his website JoeClarkPhotography.com or at tomorrow’s First Friday or anytime during the month of August at the ZAAP Gallery in Downtown Zanesville.

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